T2 Vision Cartomizer 2.4ml

The T2 Vision cartomizer is an upgraded design coming from the Stardust and now that it has replaceable atomizers you can easily switch atty’s with no fussing about.

Available in red and black in 2.5 ohm, and holding enough e-liquid to get you through a day or two without a refill.

It looks great, and feels durable with a thick plastic tube that wont crack. And the mouth tip wont crack either. All that you need to do to fill it is unscrew the mouth tip and drip down the sides of the center pole.

Suited for the Ego battery, you can use any ego battery with an ego thread, but not the ego T Batteries from Microgic because those batteries don’t have an ego thread. Or you can use it with a Provari or other variable voltage battery with an EGO adaptor attachment.

The wicks on these babies soak up the juice well, and the vapour production is phenomenal, & even more vapour with VG. The throat hit will knock your socks off. But a warning.. If you like Stardust cartomizers, these things are addictive. They have perfect air flow every time.

We also stock the replaceable atomizers for the T2 Vision in 2.2 or 2.5 ohm, please select from the drop down menu.


1 x T2 Vision Cartomizer 2.4 ml – 2.5 ohm


1 x T2 coil atomizer 2.2 ohm
1 x T2 coil Atomizer 2.5 ohm

Starting at $1.60

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T2 Vision Cartomizer 2.4ml
T2 Vision Cartomizer 2.4ml
T2 Vision Cartomizer 2.4ml
T2 Vision Cartomizer 2.4ml

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