Kanger EVOD BCC Cartomiser

The Kanger EVOD BCC cartomiser has a great taste, it’s 1.8ohm low resistance bottom changeable coil produces a nice rich warm vape. You can buy your replacement coils from here as well. Coils range from 2.2 ohm to 1.8 ohm. Bottom coil units function best at 1.8 ohm, if you prefer a cooler vape choose 2.2 ohm coils.

This kanger EVOD cartomiser has rave reviews online, and has become one of the worlds most favourite cartomisers because it just works.

The EVOD BCC can be filled simply by unscrewing the base on the bottom, tip it upside down and fill it on an angle. Make sure not to get any eliquid down the centre pipe inside the EVOD. If you do, just assemble and blow out the excess. We have tested this device and found it doesn’t leak. As the wicks are tightly fitted and short.

Colour available are:

We also stock replaceable coils at $1.55 each.

Items and specs

1 x EVOD CARTOMISER 1.8 ohm – $7.00 each


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Kanger EVOD BCC Cartomiser
Kanger EVOD BCC Cartomiser
Kanger EVOD BCC Cartomiser

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