EVOD Battery 650mah

The EVOD 650mah battery has a sleek design, a different type of EGO style battery with a larger button on the side and a 510-EGO connection. Its custom bult for the EVOD cartomiser but can be used with many other cartomisers with an ego/510 thread.

These EVOD batteries are made by Kanger the blue battery has an Elego logo on the rear side of the battery.

The battery has a 5 click locking system, just click the button 5 times within 2 seconds to lock and unlock. They also maintain constant 3.7 volts output.

Charge the battery with an ego 420mah USB cable charger.

We also sell Kanger EVOD battery chargers in our store.

items and specs:

  • 1 x EVOD 650mah battery
  • 80mm long – 15mm wide
  • 510-EGO connection


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EVOD Battery 650mah
EVOD Battery 650mah

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