Kanger EVOD2 Clearomiser

The Kanger EVOD 2 keeps a similar sleek look as the classic Kanger EVOD, but has been updated with a replaceable stainless steel drip tip and a new Dual Coil atomizer for better vapor production.

The new Dual Coil atomizer heads are the same as the Aerotank, Protank 3, Mini Protank 3, EMOW, and T3d series tanks. The EVOD 2 ships with a 1.5 ohm dual coil atomizer.

Since the Kanger EVOD 2 has been updated with a Dual Coil atomizer, we recommend the Kanger IPOW Variable Voltage battery, higher mAh capacity or the innokin taste vv for use with this clearomizer due to increased power requirements. The Kanger EVOD 2 is ego threaded.

To fill the EVOD 2, simply turn the clearomizer upside down and unscrew the base and tilt the tank slightly to the side. Begin filling the tank with liquid while being careful not to get fluid down the center tube.


When possible, keep the tank at least 1/3 full of liquid.

This helps maintain the vacuum inside the tank to prevent leaks.
Getting a bit of liquid on the battery contact when using this clearomizer? Its normal for a small amount of liquid to reach the battery contact and should be cleaned with a tissue or paper towel prior to recharging your battery.

Please note that the Kanger EVOD 2 series clearomizer is made from polycarbonate plastic and can be damaged or cracked by some types of natural eLiquid (hot cinnamon, orange, spearmint are common offenders). Consider upgrading to the Kanger Protank/Aerotank Series or EVOD Glass if your favorite e-liqud is known to cause problems.


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Kanger EVOD2 Clearomiser
Kanger EVOD2 Clearomiser

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