EGO T Battery 650Mah Manual

Our new Ego T Manual Batteries have just arrived and they are a beautiful design. They have blue button light and a 5 click on/off feature. Just press the button 5 times within 2 seconds to activate/deactivate the battery.

*The Stainless Steel battery is lusciously shiny and slick.

*The Black rubber one is lovely to touch.

Our black batteries are perfect with our CE2 F1 Stainless Atomizers. They also look great with the CE4+ Stardust.


  • 1 × 650 mah battery with manual switch.
  • Rubber coated painted finish, or shiny silver stainless steel.
  • Batteries need 8 hours of charge prior to ANY use.


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EGO T Battery 650Mah Manual
EGO T Battery 650Mah Manual

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