E-Liquid VG

Our range of Vegetable Glycerine based flavoured E-liquid comes in 10ml dripper bottles, we also sell 20ml bottles of tobacco flavoured e-liquid, this range is to get you started with a small selection of yummy flavours.

All of our e-liquid contains no nicotine because it is illegal for us to sell nicotine in our e-liquid in Australia, however it is legal for Australian residents to purchase e-liquid from overseas for personal use.

Our selection of flavours are true to the real flavour and are all very pleasant flavours.

Our selection of flavours are:

  • Tobacco 20ml
  • Menthol 20ml
  • Tobacco 10ml
  • Lemon Sherbet 10ml
  • Juicy Peach 10ml
  • Menthol 10ml
  • Chocolate 10ml
  • Cherry 10ml
  • Black Tea 10ml
  • Coffee 10ml
  • Watermelon 10ml
  • Apple 10ml
  • Butterscotch 10ml

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E-Liquid VG
E-Liquid VG

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