Clearomizers CE2 2ml 510

The ultra clear tubed CE2 clearomizers are here.

They hold up to 2ml of e-liquid produce lots of flavour with no burnt taste. Tested with thick VG and the results were fantastic. The wicks are super thick and ultra absorbent, this allows for quicker juice flow to the atomizer coil, which in return will produce amazing vapour. The wicks have already been fluffed, The clear tubes will not crack easily. Ideal to use the 2ml clearos with ego batteries,a cone and an alloy drip tip, the larger black drips in our store are too tight fitting for these 2ml clearos.

Suitable for ego, 510 batteries (do not put in pocket)

These ceramic clearomizers are disposable but can be refilled quite a few times because there is no filler inside to burn. They come in a 5 pack with a blunt plastic needle tip and a black rubber cartomizer mouth tip. they have a soft top that can be easily removed and filled with the plastic needle tip. We also sell extra black soft mouth tips and plastic needle tips in our store.


Dry Burning:

  • Gently remove clear tubing and wash wicks and coil under a tap.
  • Dry the wicks gently with a tissue.
  • Screw onto a battery and activate the atomizer.
  • Heat up the coil in 4 second intervals until the coil glows red and cleans the black from the wick.
  • Re attach the silicone around the ceramic cup.
  • Push the atomizer back into the tube and onto the base.
  • Refill clearomizer.


  • Normal Resistance: 2.4-2.6 ohms
  • Holds up to 2ml of liquid
  • Thread type: 510
  • Length: 70mm with black tip, 53mm with white top
  • Width: 9mm


5 x clearomizers, 2ml
1 x plastic needle tip
1 x black rubber cartomizer mouth tip

Note: Clear plastic tubing on any type of clearomizer is not as durable as metal tubing so please be gentle with your clearomizers.


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Clearomizers CE2 2ml 510
Clearomizers CE2 2ml 510
Clearomizers CE2 2ml 510

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