CE5+ Stardust Wickless

The CE5 + wickless is a Cool-looking, juice cooking carto.

It holds up to 1.6ml of eliquid, is a solid design and will connect to any eGo/eGo-T/eGo-C/eGo-C Twist battery or nearly any 510 pencil variations.

Easy fill and leak free, these clearomisers are the descendants of the Stardust CE4 and CE5 and have a niche all to themselves.

They feature graduated markings on the tank, so that you can keep track of your usage, and they wick from BOTH the top and the bottom so your vape is as warm as a pleasant summer day.

These are non-servicable cartomizers in that the atomizer coil and wicks are locked inside the centre tube, but they are easily cleaned by simply running water through and allowing a bit of time to dry.

Available in the most popular trendy colours. Black, Purple and green.

Replaceable atomisers are available in the drop down menu below.

Cartomiser with 510 screw thread, compatible with 510 and all eGo batteries.

Head Coil Resistance: 2.5 – 2.7 OHMS

items and specs:

1 x CE5+ cartomiser (of colour choice)
1 x CE5+ coil/atomiser 2.5-2.7 ohm

Starting at $2.30

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CE5+ Stardust Wickless
CE5+ Stardust Wickless
CE5+ Stardust Wickless

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