Apoloe A560 Cartomiser

Consider the Apoloe A560 Cartomiser upgraded “stylish” version of the T2 cartomiser. It takes roughly 2ml, it has a neat print on it, and it can be unscrewed at the base for easier cleaning.

The A560 Cartomiser uses 801 drip tips instead of the boring T2 plastic mouth dip.

The Apoloe A560 has a replaceable coil unit, and its much the same as a T2 coil except the A560 coil works a bit better.

We stock replaceable coils in the drop down menu and also spare 801 drip tips in a few different colours.

items and specs

1x A560 Cartomiser 2.4 ohm
1 x A560 Coil 2.4 ohm

Starting at $1.90

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Apoloe A560 Cartomiser
Apoloe A560 Cartomiser
Apoloe A560 Cartomiser

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