E-Cigarette Frequently Asked Questions

How do e-cigarettes work?

Electronic Cigarettes are made up of a battery, an atomizer, and a cartridge with e-liquid filled that pushes against an atomizer to make it moist. When the atty is moist, it sends liquid inside the atomizer, a silica wick inside a coil. When the coil is heated the liquid in the silica wick produces a vapour that is inhaled and exhaled.

A general 3 part e-cig is made up from the above three features. There are also two piece e-cigs that consist of a battery, and a cartomizer.

What is a Cartomizer?

A standard cartomizer is a cartridge and atomiser in one unit. the atomiser is inside the cartridge, cart-o-miser.

As mentioned below in detail, an atomiser is basicly a metal coil wrapped tightly around a wick.

Cartomisers come in many shapes and forms, some have just a wick poking out from a coil inside of it, and others have filler inside which then soaks up the liquid evenly inside the unit.

A clearomiser is a clear cartomiser for example, you can see the wicks inside the unit, and the unit acts much like a tank.

What is a Cartridge?

A cartridge is an empty plastic tank which fits onto an atomiser unit, such as the ecab atomiser.

What is an atomizer?

An atomizer is a heating coil wrapped around a wick, which is then fed with juice(e-liquid), and when heated at the right temperature by a suitable voltage battery, and inhaled, produces vapour.
Also known as an “atty” a commonly used short word. The atty screws onto a suitable battery and a filled cartridge is then inserted into the atty. The cartridge pushes into the atomizer sucks up the juice. When the atomiser is wet, and when in use, it will produce vapour.

Atomisers are also called coils or coil units.

What is the difference between an automatic battery and a manual battery?

There are two battery types:

The Manual battery has a button that you press to activate vapour production. You press the button to smoke it. It could feel unusual, and may not feel like an analogue cigarette, but it is good for people who like pressing buttons, and who like to hold the button down longer than inhaling to get more vapour production, manual batteries are recommended if you want to use a drip tip or like to drip your e-juice onto an atomizer in a three piece system e-cig. The ego manual battery is low maintenance and when assembled for vapeing it is also called a personal vaporiser, the acronym for the these devices are called a “P.V”.

The Automatic battery has no button and has an internal sensor which activates when you inhale.
They give you the natural feeling of smoking a cigarette or cigar.
Some Automatic batteries have a sound sensor which activates when it hears a sound. And other Automatic batteries work by air pressure.
They require some attention to the sensor hole which is located inside the threaded battery contact where the atty or cartomizer screws on. This hole tends to get e-juice in it if people use drip tips, or have juice leakage from overfilling. Automatic batteries need this area cleaned regularly. Failure to keep juice out of the hole could cause battery failure or sensor damage. So it is highly recommended that automatic batteries are not used with drip tips.

Which battery should you be getting?

If your a heavy smoker you will need battery with a higher capacity, higher capacity means bigger or longer or both.

If your a social smoker you can get by with prettier and small pen thick batteries such as a 510 battery.

What about maintenance?

Bigger batteries are hard to get used to when moving away from thin cigarettes. Most people like to try the ecigs that look like a cigarette, the ones you see on tv that look just like a cigarette, but they tend to be very high maintenance, the batteries are very poor, and your constantly fiddling with them, charging them, refilling them. etc.

Low maintenance devices are EGO batteries. And 2ml cartomisers, so if your already thinking of getting a low maintenance high capacity device get an EGO kit. Most EGO kits on the market are now Stardust kits.

The Stardust kit is generally a CE4 or CE5 Stardust cartomiser and an EGO battery.

We sell a range of different EGO kits that looks good and performs well.

We sell a range of EGO batteries and cartomisers that work better than a myriad of entry level ecigs that will eventually end up in the bin.

What are the benefits of the e-cig?

We are not saying it will help you quit smoking, this decision is up to you , but we hope it helps you change your habits.
E-cigs are a good choice if you are looking for alternative methods of smoking, or if you just enjoy the act of smoking but want to avoid the stink & ash of regular cigarettes.

What are the differences between regular cigarettes and e-cigarettes?

Electronic Cigarettes have no chemical agents, no carcinogens, no carbon monoxide, no tar, no cyanide, no benzene, no ammonia, does not disturb anyone, no bad breath or stained teeth.

Tobacco cigarettes have around 4,000 chemical agents, 60 carcinogens found, carbon monoxide & tar, cyanide, benzene, ammonia, they disturb non-smokers, and they cause bad breath and stained teeth.

General Guidelines

There are many flavours of e-liquid available, and each flavour will be an acquired taste, some flavours may be nice and some undesirable.

When you purchase your e-liquid, get it in small bottles first so you can test the flavours, then when you find yourself some favourites, you can get bigger bottles of your favourite e-liquid.
E-liquid with nicotine is not allowed under Australian law. If you require e-liquid with nicotine it is advisable to purchase it from overseas. But you can get by with patches and vape when you feel like having a smoke.

E-liquid is much cheaper than buying cigarettes, a 35 ml bottle can last up to three weeks and can cost around $10.00

Nicotine & safe use guidelines ?

• Do not purchase e-liquid with more than 32mgs of nicotine
• Always wash your hands immediately after handling e-liquid if you get it on your skin.
• 40mgs or more is toxic and if 1ml of 40mg nicotine gets on your skin, you might get sick.
• Keep your e-liquid in a safe clean place, away from children, away from pets.
• Do not leave bottles of e-liquid on the windowsill or in the sun.
• Do not wear nicotine patches and vape with nicotine in your e-liquid

What is in E-Juice, E-Liquid

E-Liquid is made from a base liquid called Propylene Glycol, also known as PG. This is a medical grade and food grade additive found in many foods in the supermarket. In its medical form Propylene glycol is used as a product for surgical procedures. It is also used in lubricants. Propylene glycol is also used as a juice for smoke machines which are seen to be used regularly at nightclubs, performances and on dance floors. It is harmless to breathe in and there have been no reports of it causing cancer.

Another base liquid used for E-Liquid is vegetable glycerin, also known as VG. This is also a medical and food grade product. It can also be used as a moisturiser and food additive, and can also be used in smoke machines. It is also harmless to breathe in and there have been no reports of it causing cancer.

The difference between the two is that PG is oil based and VG is plant based.

VG is thicker, sweeter and produces more vapour; PG makes the flavours taste stronger.
Some people might find PG to cause a dry throat, and try a 50/50 mix of VG and PG, or switch to VG.
E-Liquid can come in many sugar free flavours of tobacco, fruits, beverages, and herbs. And you can blend the flavoured e-liquids together to make your own exclusive flavours. This is where the fun starts and if you get sick of one flavour you can always find a better one.

Are Electronic-Cigarettes Banned in Australia

The electronic cigarette device is not banned in Australia, even though some people seem to think they might be. But it is illegal for suppliers to sell electronic cigarette devices which contain nicotine in Australia.

Downunder Vapers do not sell e-juice containing nicotine in our store.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe to use?

There have not been any long-term clinical study results yet because e-cigs are a fairly new invention.

If you are concerned about the safety of using an electronic cigarette, we suggest you read some information we have found on the internet regarding safety clinical trials performed on electronic cigarettes.
Clinical trials on e cigarettes containing nicotine have been carried out by Dr Murray Laugeson of Health New Zealand and the results in his publication for the trials can be viewed from the following links:


Safety Report by Health New Zealand (PDF)

Dr Laugeson has been conducting research and testing on cigarettes and cigarette substitutes and has written over 30 research papers and reports in international and national scientific medical journals on smoking since 1995.