Kanger E-Smart BCC Clearomiser - From $3.00

Kanger E-Smart

the Kanger E-smart is a beautiful and innovatively designed e-cig, which can produce a fantastic amount of vapour for such a small device.

Our collection will grow, a list of e-smart and replaceable hardware is available from here.

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Kanger E-Smart BCC Clearomiser - From $3.00
Kanger E-Smart BCC Clearomiser - The new E-smart 510 BCC clearmoiser is the replacement clearomier for the the KangerTech Esmart starter kits.Please note that this is a bottom filling clearomiser with a replacement coil that can’t be screwed off from the base. It comes with 510 threading which means it can be used on most 510/eGo batteries. Replacement coils are available in our store.
Size:Height 66mm; Diameter 11mm
$5.00 each

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