E-Liquid VG - From $5.50


PG vs VG

The difference between both PG and VG are that VG is thicker, sweeter, and makes more vapour. PG is mineral based, and VG is vegetable based. Pg carries the flavours better, but can leave an after -taste that may not be a preference.
We sell VG (vegetable glycerine) because we have found over the years that some people have allergy or just cannot tolerate PG.

Due to Australian law restrictions we only sell Zero nicotine e-juice.
Our flavour strengths are at a normal strength ready for immediate use.

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E-Liquid VG - From $5.50
E-Liquid VG - Our range of Vegetable Glycerine based flavoured E-liquid comes in 10ml dripper bottles, we also sell 20ml bottles of tobacco flavoured e-liquid, this range is to get you started with a small selection of yummy flavours.All of our e-liquid contains no nicotine because it is illegal for us to sell nicotine in our e-liquid in Australia, however it is legal for Australian residents to purchase e-liquid from overseas for personal use.Our selection of flavours are true to the real flavour...

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