Ego C Twist @ Downunder Vapers

The new Joyetech ego-c twist battery is a variable voltage battery allowing you to find your sweet spot for a much better vape.

If your atomizer is at Low resistance you can vape at 3.2 volt or more, if you have a High resistance atomizer you can vape at 4 volt, going up to 4.8 volt for a nice warm vape. How much you want to cook your e-juice is your choice with this awesome variable voltage battery.

All that you need to do is twist the cap on the end to the left or right until you find your sweet spot.

Apart from the variable voltage knob on the end, this battery also has a 5 click on/off feature, and when you receive it you will need to remember this battery will be switched off, all that you need to do is press the button quickly 5 times within 2 seconds to switch it on, and you also need to charge it for 8 hours prior to any use as with every lithium e-cig battery.