CE4 + Stardust at Downunder Vapers

The new CE4+ clearomizer is getting rave reviews online. They are an innovative design. They look great and are easy to fill.

Also known as the Ego Vision Stardust clearomizer.


How to maintain your CE4+ Stardust. Cleaning, Dry Burning, Filling, Air flow adjustment. General maintenance for longer lasting performance.


We have been testing these for two weeks and are aware of the pros and cons for the CE4+, the pros outweigh the cons on many levels.

  • Looks awesome can see e-liquid level
  • Super easy to fill, unscrew mouth tip, tip on an angle and fill with a bottle.
  • Huge vapour, huge throat hit, depends on nicotine and flavour level.
  • Durable, cleanable, dissectible, reusable, but also disposable.
  • Calibration level indicator on the side and a bush sleeve for much easier filling.
  • Fits ego batteries perfectly with a 510 thread, if you wish to use it on other batteries such as VV’s PV’s you will need an adaptor.


Simply unscrew the mouth tip and fill with a bottle or pointy tip bottle on an angle up to the 1.4ml mark.
Screw mouth tip on gently and blow down the centre to remove any excess e-liquid. Allow a couple of minutes for the wicks to soak up your e-liquid before you start vapeing.

There are two versions of CE4+. The early model of CE4+ does not have a filling bush sleeve. The latest model does have the bush sleeve.

What is a bush sleeve?

It is a tube that goes up into the mouth tip, it allows for easier and quicker filling of e-liquid, to prevent e- liquid from accidentally going down the centre tube. Also known as a pip.

Suggestions and tips

The CE4+ Stardust 2.5-2.9ohm clearo has been tested with manual and automatic ego batteries at 3.7 volt and they produce a lot of vapour, with consistent flavour. TheCE4+ does have a tendancy to gurgle if the wicks are not filling the gaps in the centre pole. This can be fixed by pushing down the top plug or fluffing the wicks to different positions .

Cleaning the CE4+ Stardust

The simplest way to clean the CE4+ is to wash it out with hot tap water, let it dry overnight, give it a dry burn in the morning when it is dry.

Another way to clean is with 100% isopropyl alcohol. (Chemtools IPA 100%) pure anhydrous isopropyl alcohol.
Let it soak for a few minutes, then swish it around until all e-liquid is gone, let it dry for a while, Make sure it is dry before performing a dry burn. You must dry burn the wicks if you clean with isopropyl alcohol.


There are two good ways how you can take these apart, for advanced cleaning or replacing a funky old wick and coil with a new one. If the second method doesn’t work for you try the first method.


The CE4+ Stardust can be quickly & successfully dissected by tapping down the inner tube from the base.

There are youtube videos showing someone wiggling and pulling at it when connected to an ego battery, but most of the time this will not work easily anymore and it can also damage your battery. I found that using a large nail with a big head is best. This method does not require any use of, or cause damage to batteries and is much quicker to do.

Preheating the ce4+ base in lightly boiled water before dissection helps a lot.

Heat expands plastic and metal, making it “much easier” to assemble/disassemble the CE4+ cone and base.
We have not been able to crack one from dissecting the CE4+ with this technique.


  • Remove mouth tip, remove bush (pip) and sleeve (silicone plug).
  • Get a nail with a big head, and a “small” hammer for tapping with.
  • Insert the nail head down into the opening of the ce4+ and over the inner tube.
  • Tap down gently until the inner tube separates from the ce4+ plastic cone.
  • Now you can screw a battery onto the ce4+ base and very easily remove the centre tube and base from the cone.
  • Completed


  • Preheating the cone base with lightly boiled water before assembly helps.
  • Use a 510 adapter and screw it into the ce4+ base.
  • Stand the Ce4+ cone upside down on a cardboard or equal soft base.
  • Insert the inner tube & base into the cone, tap down gently with a small tapping hammer until the centre tube is successfully assembled inside the cone.
  • Completed


You can wiggle off the metal ring from the base with a pair of pliers, make sure you get some tape around the metal grips on the pliers.

Don’t squeeze too tightly, if you do you will bend the ring as it comes off. It may be a bit difficult to do on the first time around, but after then next time it will be easy. Note, if you cant remove the ring try the nail and hammer technique.

After you remove the ring you can screw a battery into the base and the atomizer will slip out easily.


The CE4+ has been known to crack when used with e-liquid containing Citric Acid. High PH level e-liquid containing Cinnamon extract can weaken the plastic and cause it to crack if the mouth tip is screwed on too tight.