EGO-C Starter Kits have arrived at Downunder Vapers

The news for today is that we are now stocking the EGO-C 900mAh starter kit.

Has anyone seen the new EGO. OMG!

We spent some considerable time researching and testing new products, and now we have a very nice looking hybrid EGO-C starter kit in the store.

For those who have not heard of the EGO-C, it is an EGO with a changeable atomizer system that disassembles into three parts. The EGO-C kit comes with 5 changeable atomizers that can easily be removed for cleaning or replacement.

The new EGO -C atomizer is a small piece that drops into the EGO-C cone and then you screw the EGO-C base into the cone to seal the atomizer inside. This new interchangeable atomizer system is just perfect if you need to clean or use different flavours. it makes all the hassle of the previous ego-t atomizer design seem like a thing of the past. It is also cheaper to buy the tiny atomizers separately for just $ 4.80 each.

Our EGO-C Kit has the EGO-T USB Passthrough 900mAh battery with 5 click on/off feature. Never burn out your atty by accident. With the extra benefit of plugging it in and having a vape while charging.