OVALE ELIPS - A future design of ecig

This e-cig looks pretty good, and they are currently being tested and reviewed.
The retail price for this kit is around $95.00 AU.
Downunder Vapers is looking forward to testing this product .

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This is an update on the testing of the ovale elips. 14/11/11

Well apparently downunder vapers have been fobbed by ovale due to ovale exclusive company policies. Which means, that if we are to sell only their products and no other product, and be the first and only distributor in Australia to sell only their products, we would be able to stock some ovale elips for our customers, but because we supply other brand products in our store and/or are not a distributor, they will not make a wholesale agreement with us unfortunately.

Fortunately we have been testing a replica of this design and will be supplying and selling it at a much cheaper price. We are currently testing an MJT “ELF” and so far very impressive and quite lovely to hold in the hand. It has a huge wick hole that pokes into the tank, its so easy to fill and just a pleasure to vape, it has nice flavour and absolutely no dry spots, very consistent even with VG.

We will be testing the ELF for two weeks just to see how well the atomizer performs over time. And after then we will be returning to this blog to update our review on the ELF.

REVIEW ELIPS ELF – 30/11/2011

It has been a couple of weeks and I have been using the ELIPS ELF almost non stop.


What can I say, It has an amazing atomizer that just works no issues no worries. I just want to keep vaping like crazy with it, the flavours are extra flavoursome, and the shape of the e-cig feels great.
The battery lasts ages for a 380mAh battery, this is because the atmomizer doesn’t drain the battery as quickly.

The charging input hole looks like a Nokia pin plug. you stick it into the end of the battery and a little red light illuminates, and when charged the red light disappears. You an also use it as a USB pass through whilst sitting at your computer or in the car, the charging cable is long enough for this.

It has a nice flat side that sits perfectly between the fingers and as you take a puff you can just squeeze your fingers together to push the button in. I didn’t get any bad taste or leaking issues with it. Its very portable and pocket fluff doesn’t get into any holes. Its an overall neat looking and feeling design. Most elips designs are a revolution in design.


Well I was expecting the elips ELF cap to be a bit narrow for the lips, but the ELF had no curves and didn’t narrow in for the lips. So I wasn’t impressed with the cap being a bit fat. It made me get confused about which end to puff on.

I would prefer the tanks were larger as well.

The battery life will outlast the tank liquid, so if your out and want to refill you cant just stick another pre-used tank in because the tanks are not able to be re-sealed after you break open the piercing hole. this means that if you want to carry around spare pre-filled tanks you need to use new tanks.

It would be a lot better if the tanks were bigger, so no need to carry around prefilled tanks, or bottles of e liquid.

And if the tanks had a little sealing cap it would also make the ELF a smarter design.

I would give this elips ELF a 10 for performance, it performs great. no issues, but a 3 for the cap not taking the shape of the lips. And a 3 for the small non re-seal able tanks.

I will be testing other elips designs over the next few weeks until I find an elips which is best.