E-Cigarette News - Apoloe APL 580 at Downunder Vapers

To all those E-Cigarette ego lovers who like less maintenance and more quality. The new APL 580 is HERE.

It has a large 2ml quality clearomizer and a protective sleeve with side windows for viewing your e-liquid level.
It has pen style design with a removable dust cap and with the Apoloe logo on the side.

The Aploe APL A580 e-cig is unique in its filling method with an option to use the easy pointy tip bottle refill method or with a metal blunt tip syringe. The Apoloe 580 has an award winning no leak design cartomizer.

The 650maH battery has a new design of 5 LED indication when the battery is getting low the lights count down from five lights to one light, giving you an idea of how much longer the battery has to go before it needs recharging.

Its relatively new in the scene and the positive reviews are sweeping across europe, and the UK.


I have been testing it and so far the performance of this e-cig is above my expectations. My initial response to opening the box to view the apoloe 580 was that it was of very good quality appearance.

I filled the clearomizer with VG e-liquid, I used a metal blunt tip needle and pushed through its seal.

It has a special seal which closes itself up after removing the needle tip.

My initial response to the vapour production of the apoloe 580 clearomizer was that it tasted really good and it performed very well.

So far I have had no issues with this device and find it to be a good quality product. I prefer it above many other ego’s including the ego T.

The vapour it produced was surprisingly clean, flavoursome, and gives a good warm throat hit.

You can use any other 510 threaded ego battery with the Apoloe 580 2ml cartomizer and you can also fit your 510 atty, cartomizers on the APL 580 battery.

The APL A580 clearomizers can be disassembled and dry burned if necessary. The silicone seal must be removed first, then the tube can be removed from the battery connector. It can be washed and dried and dry burned just the same as any other clearomizer. When assembling, re-connect the tube first, be extra careful of keeping the atomizer low inside it’s ceramic cup, and leaving at least 1mm of gap around the wick when pushing the silicone seal back into the tube. If you push the silicone too far down it will cause the wicks to dry due to lack of juice absorbance. If you make too much of a gap around the wick, the e-liquid will flood the atomizer and it will eventually leak. Seating the silicone seal correctly around the atomizer will result in good e-liquid flow.

After a dry burn my initial taste response was that it needed a few minutes to re adjust, the full flavour from first use returns and it creates a big throat hit and amazing vapour. The workmanship and quality of this e-cigarette is outstanding.

When using the APL-A580 be mindful of where you place your dust cap, I found that I was losing my dust cap at first, the dust cap does not come off easily because it twists off. The idea of having a dust cap is for keeping it clean. I have had a history of getting pocket fluff inside other e-cigarettes as a result of not having a protective cap.

So my overall test result is a 9 out of 10, counting -1 for the leaking that may occur if you have too much gap around the wick. the 9 is for the look, quality design, the amazing vapour and flavour.

My overall thoughts on this e-cigarette kit, it rocks!!

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