E-Cigarette News - 510 Bud kits at Downunder Vapers

Hey guys and girls, The new BUD is coming, BUD 510 kits and BUD 510 cartomizers. If you haven’t heard yet, they are a new hybrid tank clear cartomizer that may lead the way in new tank design cartomizeres.


I have been testing these bud cartomizers and found them to have two different kinds of wicks. Bud cartomizers for PG e-liquid and another with more absorbent wick for VG E-liquid. The difference between the two are that the PG wicks are less absorbent. If you use VG with a PG bud you will get alot of dry hits until you open it up and change the wick.

These buds are made well, with an easy bottle fill. You get some silicone bottle tips to fit onto your dropper bottle. When filling the bud, all you need to do is remove the mouth tip, pull out the silicone plug and fill with your bottle, it’s quick and simple. On first use, you need to wait a couple of minutes for the wick to absorb the e-liquid. It takes about 30 puffs before it starts to settle, some even say it starts to settle after 24 hours of use.

They are easy to clean and dry burn if necessary. The tube can be removed from the atomizer which sits inside the cartomizers battery connecter.

This is a hybrid tank system, which has one wick touching the atomizer through a hole leading into the tank. It has no filler inside the tank but just a wick poking through a hole.

They come in packs of two, and they are not as cheap to buy as some other clearomizers of the CE2 design with a top end coil.

I found that the vapour production was good, and a bit on the cooler side, the favour took a while to appear after 24 hours of use it started to taste better and better. I would not recommend changing flavours a lot with these buds because the wick is rather difficult to clean and insert back into the hole.

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