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Our operation days are from Monday to Thursday.

All orders (including express/platinum express) will be dispatched Monday to Thursday. We are closed on fridays and weekends, orders will be dispatched within 24 hours.

A Doctors view on E-Cigarettes

A very accurate view on e-cigarettes, and regulation methods that need to be provided.

It would be ideal if Australian law could follow suit on regulating e-liquid containing nicotine.


*The legendary Stardust CE5 clearomizer is here.

The new CE5 stardust has a changeable top coil unit and longer wicks. Buy some HERE.

The Stardust CE5 is available as an EGO Stardust e-cig.

We stock EGO Stardust Starter kits HERE with cases and also as single e cig blister packs HERE. With one stardust, one battery, one charger.

Looking forward to it!

Joyetech eCab @ Downunder Vapers

New to Downunder Vapers is the genuine Joyetech eCab kit.

Available in black and silver. Suitable for those who prefer a slicker smaller device in comparison to the ego kits.
The eCab Kit comes with two changeable 360mAh eCab Batteries that slip into the battery sleeve. The batteries are different colours to prevent confusion between the two.
The eCab feels great to hold and the button has a 5 click on/off feature.

The eCab’s new cartridge design gives you a nice warm and tasty vape. You can purchase additional eCab atomizers here.
The eCab Atomizer is an ego C Atomizer which fits snug into the eCab atomizer sleeve.

We stock replaceable parts for the eCab kits.

Available in black or stainless silver… GET ONE HERE

Common battery charging issues

Holiday Announcement


We are closed for holidays from Friday 21st December 2012 to January 22nd 2013.
All orders made during this period will not be sent until Wednesday 23rd January..

Orders made before 3pm on the 20th December will be sent on Thursday 20th December.

T2 Vision @ Downunder Vapers

The T2 Vision cartomizer is an upgraded design coming from the Stardust and now that it has replaceable atomizers you can easily switch atty’s with no fussing about.

Available in red and black in 2.5 ohm, and holding enough e-liquid to get you through a day or two without a refill.

It looks great, and feels durable with a thick plastic tube that wont crack. And the mouth tip wont crack either. All that you need to do to fill it is unscrew the mouth tip and drip down the sides of the center pole.

Suited for the Ego battery, you can use any ego battery with an ego thread, but not the ego T Batteries from Microgic because those batteries don’t have an ego thread. Or you can use it with a Provari or other variable voltage battery with an EGO adaptor attachment.

The wicks on these babies soak up the juice well, and the vapour production is phenomenal, & even more vapour with VG. The throat hit will knock your socks off. But a warning.. If you like Stardust cartomizers, these things are addictive. They have perfect air flow every time.

Ego C Twist @ Downunder Vapers

The new Joyetech ego-c twist battery is a variable voltage battery allowing you to find your sweet spot for a much better vape.

If your atomizer is at Low resistance you can vape at 3.2 volt or more, if you have a High resistance atomizer you can vape at 4 volt, going up to 4.8 volt for a nice warm vape. How much you want to cook your e-juice is your choice with this awesome variable voltage battery.

All that you need to do is twist the cap on the end to the left or right until you find your sweet spot.

Apart from the variable voltage knob on the end, this battery also has a 5 click on/off feature, and when you receive it you will need to remember this battery will be switched off, all that you need to do is press the button quickly 5 times within 2 seconds to switch it on, and you also need to charge it for 8 hours prior to any use as with every lithium e-cig battery.

E-LIQUID now at Downunder Vapers

We have listened to our customers and now have e-liquid added to the store.

We now have a collection of flavours that most people enjoy vapeing in zero nicotine (0mg nic).

Also added to our store are empty 10ml and 5ml needle bottles.

We also have various coloured delrin drip tips for use with our CE2 smokey clearomizers and other 510/808D atty’s.

Also added to the store is a leather Lanyard for carrying your 510 or EGO e-cig.

A leather lanyard around your neck holding your e-cig is best for when you tend to misplace your e-cig at regular intervals. Ideal for when your out.

CE4 + Stardust at Downunder Vapers

The new CE4+ clearomizer is getting rave reviews online. They are an innovative design. They look great and are easy to fill.

Also known as the Ego Vision Stardust clearomizer.


How to maintain your CE4+ Stardust. Cleaning, Dry Burning, Filling, Air flow adjustment. General maintenance for longer lasting performance.


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